The most bizarre Fortnite live event to date

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The most recent big live event for Fortnite just ended, and even by Fortnite standards, it was weird. The “Fracture” event served as Fortnite Chapter 3’s send-off, and now that it’s over, the game is offline in anticipation of the release of the next chapter on December 4th, which will feature characters like the witcher himself, Geralt of Rivia.

Players were divided into groups and hung out on tiny floating islands before the action began, doing little more than watching a countdown on a TV screen. (My three players gathered around to cook marshmallows.) The Herald, a relatively new Fortnite character, then led an attack of tornadoes in a cutscene that was immediately followed by a giant chrome version of The Herald that somehow caused the entire island to explode into many, many pieces.

After that, players were floating among space debris and informed that “home is gone” before the Zero Point, a kind of superpowered energy source in Fortnite lore, lassoed together a number of pieces of the destroyed island as well as players. Then, for reasons that were not entirely clear, everyone had to cooperate in order to gather energy orbs to power the Zero Point.

This Fortnite event was a little less action-packed than previous ones, whether it was a fight against Galactus or an explosive alien invasion. It occasionally seemed like busywork. Players had to carry out easy tasks like making a snowman or locating matching objects to gather energy in order to power up the Zero Point. They could also interact with a few NPCs for simple quests and relive brief flashbacks from past events, such as the mech vs. kaiju battle or the rolling cube. More pieces of the destroyed island would start to appear as the portal powered itself up.

The action switched to another cinematic once the Zero Point was activated, where Brie Larson’s Fortnite character Paradigm could be seen supervising the creation of a new island.

The entire process took around 45 minutes, and it lacked the excitement of earlier occasions. (However, just like its predecessors, unless you’re tuned into Fortnite’s continuing narrative, it made absolutely no sense.) Currently, when a player logs in, all they can do is watch a loading screen with a glimpse of the new island in the distance. But that won’t last long because Chapter 4 is set to release on December 4th, and the splash screen teases the arrival of several new characters, including Geralt and the Doom Slayer.

In Fortnite’s history, this is the third grand finale occasion. A few days after Chapter 2 started in 2019, the original Fortnite island was swallowed up by a black hole. Two years later, the third chapter began when the new island flipped over. Particularly noteworthy has been Chapter 3, which introduced the well-liked Zero Build mode to the game.