Tech Note

Steam Deck repairs are now possible at Valve’s repair facilities.

Valve offers an alternative if you don’t want to fix your Steam Deck yourself.

You may now send your portable gaming PC to one of Valve’s new repair facilities to have it mended if something is wrong with your Steam Deck and you don’t want to attempt to fix it yourself.

According to Valve, repairs for everything covered under the Steam Deck’s guarantee, which is good for a year in the US, are free. The manufacturer will offer to fix your equipment for a fee if it is no longer under warranty. You can deny the repair and request to have your Steam Deck returned back if you don’t want to pay that amount.

Naturally, if you believe that you can repair your Steam Deck by yourself, Valve is very open to you doing so. The firm has partnered with iFixit to sell practically every component of the Steam Deck so you can buy the parts you need to fix things yourself. But as Valve continues to increase its Steam Deck shipments, for those of us who are a bit apprehensive about the notion of opening up our beloved Steam Deck (me), these new repair shops offer another method to have things addressed. (Check here how my colleague Sean Hollister fixed his noisy fan.)