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The number one breakfast to avoid if you have diabetes Dietitian’s Opinion

By 2020, more than 10.5 percent of Americans will have been diagnosed with diabetes, and more than 34.5 percent of American adults will have prediabetes, making diabetes a significant issue for Americans right now.

The existence of high blood pressure, an uninvolved lifestyle, eating poorly, and having a lousy diet can all increase your risk of acquiring diabetes, in addition to more stable risk factors including age, genetics, environment, and lifestyle.

Exercise, insulin, medications, and a healthy food can help you live a better lifestyle even if you have diabetes. For people with diabetes, it’s best to avoid eating certain foods that raise blood sugar levels, such as those that are high in sugar and low in fiber.

According to Courtney D’Angelo, MS, author at GoWellness, dairy and cereal are two of the worst morning foods to eat if you have diabetes.

Here’s why sugar- and milk-fortified cereals might not be the ideal choice for breakfast. Check out Food Habits to Avoid If You Do Not Want Diabetes for more advice on healthy eating.

Why may milk and cereal be bad for diabetes patients? Everything is dependent on possible sugar and carbohydrate levels.

D’Angelo warns that traditional cereal and milk breakfasts might raise blood sugar levels, especially if you choose cereals with little to no fiber.

You might want to skip this meal because diabetes has a substantial impact on how your body regulates blood sugar levels.

Consuming fiber actually helps control blood sugar levels. So if you still intend to consume cereal, make sure to choose a high-fiber variety like Magic Spoon or Cascadian Farm cereal. D’Angelo proposes substituting an oatmeal-like cereal with almonds sprinkled on top for the cereal.

D’Angelo stated, “With the breakfast you’re having, you’re eating whole grains filled with fiber and protein.” Almonds, for example, include monounsaturated fats, which studies have shown can help maintain blood sugar levels for your subsequent meal.