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How to Use a Digital Environment to Grow Your Own Business

Businesses now more than ever have the opportunity to investigate how to best serve their clients in the digital economy. meaning figuring out how to stay current and keep their viewers interested.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association’s professional development webinar series demonstrates to businesses how to build and maintain a strong online presence.

A non-profit trade association for the kitchen and bathroom sector is the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA).

The first episode of the series features Jim Nowakowski, a marketing and marketing communications specialist with nearly 20 years of experience, particularly in the publishing and manufacturing sectors.

During the webinars, Mr. Nowakowski contributes his extensive expertise in business-to-business advertising and communications.

The first lecture in the series, “Staying Ahead of Your Customers in a Digital Environment,” was on January 10. Attendees’ glowing comments highlighted Mr.

With remarks about his content and delivery like, “his examples were detailed and straightforward to know, with stories that made some extent,” and “he was the simplest presenter I have seen in a while, very engaging and amusing,” Nowakowski’s excitement and business acumen stood out.

After the presentation, Nowakowski commented, “It’s always a pleasure to share my business subjects to designers, showroom consultants, architects, and makers.”

He continues, “When I got the comments, I used to be happy that the audience left with knowledge they’d utilize.

The webinar’s main goal is to teach the audience about the impact of digital disruption on the market and discuss the strategic tools that can help businesses remain valued and relevant in serving customers.

Participants learn, for instance, how differentiation creates value and how important it is to recognize what makes a company distinctive.

“What can you do that your rival doesn’t do? What does your rival do that you avoid? Asks Mr. Nowakowski.

Additionally, Mr. Nowakowski highlights how fundamental business principles remain constant despite the age of disruption and reviews strategies for staying one step ahead of customers in a digital environment by using advertising, phone surveys, and high-quality service. has the complete presentation on staying one step ahead of your customers in a digital environment. Visit for additional details and available webinars.