How to Use the Perform Key on Your Laptop (the “F” Key)

The F Key’s Use in Computers

Consider the last time you used the F key on a computer.

The F5 key will probably be employed. To use the refresh function, simply press the F5 key once. This is considerably simpler than pressing the mouse button repeatedly. The other F keys offer a number of functions for the user’s convenience, just like the F5 key does. The F Key can be used for:

1. F1
Let’s say you’re utilizing a program. Do you plan to squint your eyes and scan the full Help menu when you suddenly need it? Simply hit the F1 key to access the Help menu.

2. F2
Will you still need to perform a step-by-step search for “Rename” if you wish to modify the file’s name? Choose the file that has to be converted. By hitting F2, you can easily rename the file.

3. F3
using the F3 keys on a keyboard

Internet browsers’ search boxes can be opened by pressing F3. Fill out the form and look for it.

4. F4
The F4 Address bar list is available at the suggestion on my computer. Press the Alt key and F4 key together to swiftly end an application.

5. F5
Its purpose, as previously said, is to revitalize. Additionally, the slideshow is made possible using the Microsoft PowerPoint program.

6. F6
Pressing F6 in the Microsoft PowerPoint program advances the slide one more time. One can quickly select a URL address in the browser’s search address box.

7. F7
The Spelling and Grammar Check tool is available in Microsoft Office programs including Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel by pressing the F7 key.

8. F8
When you wish to memorize something in the Microsoft Office apps, you can do it quickly and efficiently by pressing the F8 key alone.

9. F9
To update Microsoft Office programs, press the F9 key.

10. F10
Turks Menu bar choices using F10. You can use this kind of key to quickly choose items from the menu.

11. F11
When you want your smartphone to be full screen, press the F11 key to accomplish this. Additionally, it launches the Visual Basic Editor for Microsoft Office programs.

12. F12
When you wish to save files under a new name, it is helpful. A “Save as” window will appear when you press the F12 key.

You ought to be familiar with the F keys by this point.